Take the GrRRR Out of Anger

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How to Take the GrRRR Out of Anger

Written by Elizabeth Verdick & Marjorie Lisovskis
Illustrated by Steve Mark
Everyone gets angry sometimes. But if you're angry alot...or stay angry for a long time...or get in trouble for getting angry...or don't like the way anger makes you act or feel...this book can show you How to Take the GrRRR Out of Anger.

A hot temper isn't cool. You have the power to overpower your anger. Look inside this book to find:

  • five steps to taming your temper
  • six steps to solving anger problems
  • clues to your "anger buttons" and your body's anger warning signs
  • the lowdown on calming down
  • tips for using your "anger radar"
  • things you can do when grown-ups get angry
  • and more

  • So don't lose your head. Use it instead. Learn how to manage your anger-and feel GRRRREAT!